Frequently Asked Questions

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Most of OMN’s funding comes from individual private donations.

Yes, all donations are tax-deductible per IRS regulations for a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

By simply clicking on the “Donate” button you can choose from a number of different options that may suit your current giving style or circumstance.

The OMN Board of Directors are currently overseeing all functions of the organization.

OMN will focus on providing success opportunities for communities by working to improve the quality of life of families living there, both economically and spiritually. OMN will also focus on building long-term partnerships with local business leaders, town officials, civic organizations, church and para-church leaders, and the neighborhood residents to provide Christ-centered solutions that arise from our community outreach to share with each other our talents and resources.

OMN’s vision is to bridge relationships with our neighbors sharing resources and talents. Our daily mission is to work together with our neighbors to identify community concerns and develop Christ-centered solutions through:

  • Partnerships with local churches, ministries and other organizations;
  • Community outreach; and
  • Establishing sustainable programs.

One More Neighborhood is a faith-based nonprofit resource and empowerment center dedicated to helping neighborhoods through sharing talents and resources with each other.