Our Story

Our Vision:

To bridge relationships with our neighbors, sharing resources and talents, and to provide life-changing opportunities for families, one neighborhood at a time.

Our Mission:

Working together with our neighbors, we will identify community concerns and develop Christ-centered solutions through:

  • Partnerships with local churches, ministries and service organizations;
  • Community outreach; and
  • Establishing sustainable programs which the residents of the community find beneficial.

Who is OMN?

One More Neighborhood is a faith-based non-profit resource and empowerment organization. OMN intentionally focuses on one neighborhood at a time to maximize the utilization of all available community shared resources and talents to insure success in every measurable outcome desired by the residents of the neighborhood. OMN currently serves the Huntington Green neighborhood in Huntersville, NC.

What Makes OMN Unique?

OMN believes in never doing for people what they have (or could have) the capacity and resources to do for themselves and their neighbors. OMN will work with individuals and neighborhoods to provide resources they do not have the ability to provide for themselves, and draw these families into and own the process of change in their neighborhood.