Changing Lives

Prayers are Answered Here

Daisy is an elderly widow who has to use a cane when she goes out of her home and has to walk up and down five concrete steps from her porch to the sidewalk, with no handrails on either side of the steps. If she ever lost her balance she certainly could have seriously injured herself!

In keeping with OMN’s ministry philosophy of not doing for others what they have (or could have) the capacity to do for themselves, we wanted to understand what resources, if any, Daisy had at her disposal before we jumped in. Living on a limited fixed income and with no relatives or friends close by that she could count on, it was obvious to us that Daisy did not have the capacity to fulfill these needs without some external help. That’s when One More Neighborhood looked to its pool of volunteers for the resources to help with some of her most urgent needs.

All it took was one call and within 2 weeks three OMN volunteers answered Daisy’s prayers and blessed her with a new handrail. They also fixed the roof over her back door so no more water would pour into her trailer every time it rained! These three “macho men” had this project done in 90 minutes flat!

Lives are Changed Here

Jose, and his wife Dora, migrated from Mexico in 1999 to pursue their America Dream of a better life for themselves and ultimately for their four children who were all born here in the U.S.A. Renting older single-wide trailers in Huntington Green for over fourteen years, they never dreamed that owning a home in America could become a reality for them.

They were tired of renting, and through a friend working in the neighborhood, they heard about OMN’s plans to build affordable lease-to-own homes for families willing to make a long-term commitment to home ownership in Huntington Green. After one meeting we could see that this hardworking family was excitedly ready for real change in their lives, and we were ready to build our first lease-to-own home in Huntington Green for them.

Today, Jose, Dora and their children are settled in and enjoying the pride of living in a brand new home they will one day own, bringing much needed permanence to their lives and a facelift to the community.

 “With God, All Things are Possible”

Bringing Hope to Our Community

In May 2012, One More Neighborhood, in partnership with the Charlotte Works JobLink Career Center, became an authorized CARE3 satellite site. CARE3, “Community Access to Resources that Engage|Empower|Employ”, is a community program designed to give local residents access to job search resources that would otherwise be unavailable. CARE3 seeks to close the gap between the increase in unemployment and the people who cannot easily access job search services.

In addition to meeting with a job search counselor, clients also have access to the CARE3 Network Resource Directory, a web-based directory that contains comprehensive listings of services that are relevant to job seekers.

What can CARE3 do for you?

  • Educate you about the current labor market
  • Help you prepare a resume and cover letter
  • Provide referrals to other local CARE3 Career Centers
  • Assist with researching employment opportunities
  • Help you register for unemployment

If you are interested in the CARE3 program and would like to set up an appointment with Earl Runcan, please call our office at 704.948.3232 x234 or send us an email.