Building a Legacy of Love in Huntington Green

Welcome to the Neighborhood of Huntington Green!

The Huntington Green neighborhood currently consists of 330 mobile homes and has a population of about 1800 people. OMN believes Huntington Green is filled with families who are created in God’s image and have been uniquely blessed with a wide variety of talents, skills, and abilities.

Huntington Green is filled with untapped potential and under-utilized resources waiting to be encouraged, energized and mobilized to help make a positive difference in their own lives and in their neighborhood and our goal through community outreach is to unleash this potential so we can share our talents and resources to create Christ-centered solutions that are sustainable and invest back into this community.

Why We Care

In meetings and conversations with families and individuals living in Huntington Green, the following concerns have been expressed:

  • Economic poverty/High unemployment
  • Too many abandoned trailers and properties
  • Spiritual poverty
  • Drug trafficking & abuse
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Spousal & child abuse
  • Domestic violence
  • Younger children bullied by older ones
  • Extremely low graduation rates
  • Too many fatherless homes
  • Nothing for kids to do after school & during summer breaks
  • Kids having kids
  • Poor street lighting
  • No sidewalks
  • Limited city water and sewage

A Vision For Tomorrow

By the grace of God, and through the hard work and generosity of people both inside and outside the neighborhood, imagine with us for a moment what could be:

  • New energy-efficient homes for affordable rentals or rent-to-own opportunities where vacant and abandoned properties once stood.
  • A neighborhood Community Center offering faith-based after school activities, sports events, tutoring and mentoring for all ages, adult job and life skills training, tons of family and community-based activities, and multi-cultural neighborhood worship services. Community outreach programs that build community.
  • A neighborhood Enterprise Center housing several business ventures, not only meeting some of the critical needs of families living in and around Huntington Green, but also providing job training and employment opportunities for the unemployed and under-employed.
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Join us in starting right here, in our own backyard!

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